Sunday, 27 March 2011

Organisation Activites

Props was the main organisation we had to do. Due to no actors being in the film we did not need to make any costumes. All we needed was black gloves for Vidur to wear in the shots.
To make the props i needed to set out candles over the desk to create an eerie effect. I also needed to gather knives & other scary looking objects. The final thing was creating the book that would be shown several times in the film. For this i needed to cut out pictures of faces with big red crosses over them. I also needed to cut out violent words from news papers such as 'Kill' & 'Blood'. To complete the book i needed to cover two pages in writing with violent words like 'murder' & 'stab'. This words will be shot as a close up in the sequence. I then dotted red nail varnish over the book to look like blood.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Opening Sequence

Due to some difficulties, we have decided to re-do our opening sequence with a completly new idea. We will be able to use our knowledge & what we have learned from are old opening sequence to make this one better.
Myself & Vidur brainstormed & came up with the idea on the 10th of March. I then created the storyboards & we both filmed that night. It took several hours to create the set where we would film & to create the props. The filming took approximately 1/2 hours to complete. Due to problems we had with lighting last time, we were able to make sure that the room being too dark would not be an issue. Vidur starred in the sequence & filmed some shots & I filmed the rest.
The next day we uploaded our footage onto Vidurs Mac & started editing in iMovie. Completing the editing will be the next job for us.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Decision Making During Editing

Once all our shots were uploaded onto FinalCut, the group sat together & went through each shot. Once all the shots had been cut, we chose which ones we would use in our opening sequence.
The problem we encountered during editing was that our sequence was too long. To resolve this, we cut out several shots at the beginning & shortened others so the pace moved more quickly, making it more interesting to watch.
When we had cut the shots & made the sequence how we wanted, we started to add effects. We tried out different transitions & effects & chose suitable ones for our sequence.
I think the group worked well during the editing stage as everyone contributed ideas on how to improve the sequence.


We carried out our filming on 26th January. This was the first day we met up as several other days, the whole group was unable to attend. We met at Georgia's house at 5.30pm & filmed for approximately 3-4 hours. During this time, we managed to complete all the filming for our opening sequence. We encountered several problems with the shots throughout such as, rooms being too dark & unwanted shadows. We worked well together in solving these problems & filming them efficiently. We did about 2-4 takes of each shot to ensure it would work within our sequence. We also tried several angles of each shot, allowing us to choose the best shot after uploading.
I think that overall the group worked well together & managed to complete filming to a high standard. We are happy with how filming went & the next task is uploading the shots onto the computer & starting to edit.